Tap room & bistrot

In our taproom you can experience the essence of the brewery.

Set in a nineteenth-century industrial architecture context, our Tap Room is able to offer you the environment to share with us the emotions that a good beer can arouse.

Adjacent to the taproom our brewery provided with the 14 ways of the tapping system where you can experience all the freshness of the beers we produce.

The high competence of the staff will ensure that everyone finds the best beer that suits his taste.


As the best beer is produced using quality raw materials and production skills, our kitchen creates a selection of Burgers, Bruschetta and finger food, including vegetarians, selecting ingredients from the best local producers.
Our craftsmanship reaches also your plate.

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Be welcomed by our staff and choose whether to sit in our outdoor garden or inside the restaurant. Reservations are recommended and we provide table service to offer you the best possible experience.

If you prefer to drink our beers comfortably at home you can stop in the shop area of our taproom where you will also find the rest of the merchandising and take with you some Lucky beer.


CEREAL is an exceptional and extremely versatile raw material, for this reason we want to present it to you in all possible variations, transmitting our concept of CRAFTSMANSHIP extending it to food, as well as beer.

In LUCKY BISTROT you will have the opportunity to experience and taste the sweet and savory creations of our artisan LABORATORY from breakfast to lunch, in an informal, quiet and totally renovated place on the outskirts of the city but without its noise.

We produce with our hands BAKERY made with RESEARCH and DEDICATION, with the possibility of takeaway or to book and collect your favorites for any special occasion!

Make your day more Lucky at any time by visiting us in via Vecchia Ferriera 123 next to the new TapRoom!

Opening hours

Tap room: Every day from 17 to 24
Bistrot: Monday-Friday from 7 to 15

Info and reservation

0444 301664 (Call now)

This is LuckyTap 121.

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