330ml bottle format

SCAPÀ – IGA with “Corvina” grapes

The base beer is an amber ale with a touch of Carafa II malt, a dark burnt malt that gives the beer a slightly darker amber color that is close to “friar’s cassock” brown. Carafa II also leaves a slight hint of toast and coffee, only perceptible in the beer. The large quantity of malts gives this beer a biscuit flavor that can be felt both on the nose and in the mouth. Scapà is a slightly bitter beer, mellow in the mouth with aromas that range mainly from red grapes and to a lesser extent strawberry, cherry, hazelnut, coffee and liquorice. The alcohol content stands at 8.3% and the acidity given by the Corvina grape must adds a touch of complexity to this beer without interfering with drinking.


Water, BARLEY malt, Corvina grape must (30%), WHEAT malt, Hops, Yeast


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Bottle 0,33cl
Grado alcolico
8,3 %/vol

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