Adelino Sour edition


ADELINO SOUR, is the exact encounter between beer and the world of wine.
Adelino is an Iga of character.
It is produced with barley malt, wheat, rye and 12% of red grape must Corvina passita della Valpolicella and left to mature 24 months in fine oak barrels.
Adelino is a beer to be savored with the five senses.
When the bottle is opened, the light carbonation creates a distinct, elegant, determined and free from excess noise.
The color ranging from deep orange to ruby ​​red illuminates the eyes. The aromas it releases are complex and the balanced and soft bouquet, which intoxicates the nostrils, ranges from sweet vanilla to red berry fruit such as blackberries and raspberries to finish in an elegant final vinous note.
In the mouth Adelino is a lively red iga, which makes itself felt with its slightly sweet and funky flavor. We find the scent of fresh wood with which it has rested for two years, the slight acidity that makes it a sublime beer for the palate whose reminiscences are reminiscent of the best red wines of Valpolicella.
The tactile sensation on the palate is of a warming iga with its 11.2 degrees, soft but at the same attractive in its being divergent from all other beers.
Adelino is suitable for all occasions when you want to celebrate something special, and is dedicated to Adelino Lucchese, inventor in the 1930s of the term “Amarone”.
serving temperature 12-14 ° C



Water, BARLEY malt, WHEAT malt, Corvina grape must, RYE, hops, yeast.


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