About us

Lucky Brews crede nella fortuna,
perchè dalla fortuna non ci si aspetta nulla in cambio.

Lucky brews è un birrificio artigianale e come tale non subisce le convenzioni.
Le controlla. Le trasforma. Le crea.

Lucky Brews parla a tutti e parla chiaro.
Sennò non c’è gusto.

Lucky Brews è un team di persone innamorate del proprio lavoro: la Birra.

Il nostro cuore è a Vicenza.
La nostra birra viaggia ovunque.

We have always enjoyed drinking beer and started brewing it at home in 2004.

From a garage to the project as a beer firm in 2012 we understood our purpose: to produce beer.
Things began to take shape, We have grown and established ourselves in our territory.

On December 17th 2016, we inaugurated the brewery with an adjoining taproom and the journey that led us to the creation of various types of beer and affirmations in both national and international competitions began.

We needed to be more daring.
In 2020 we decided to expand production with a 20 Hl plant and consequent enlargement of the cellar and barrel cellar that allows us to produce the best long-matured beers.

We have also equipped ourselves with a microbiological laboratory for the control of production batches and we have decided to change the container, passing to one that guarantees conservation and superior quality: the can.

Four years after the first beer produced in our brewery, the aim remains the same: for fun and entertainment.

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